FZ25/FZ35 Multifunctional Constant Current Electronic Load Power Supply Aging Adjustable Load Module Battery Discharge Capacitor Capacity Tester

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Model: FZ25

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About this item
Feature Description:

1. The current a voltage V power W capacity ah and discharge time can be displayed;
2. Have a sound protection mechanism;
3. Automatic statistics of discharge capacity and discharge time;
4. Set maximum discharge Capacity (OAH) and maximum discharge time (OHP); (Realization of unattended aging experiments)
5. Intelligent temperature-controlled fan, when the power is greater than 10W or the temperature is greater than 40 ℃ fan start automatically;
6. The use of rotary coding potentiometer, can accurately adjust the current, accurate to 0.01A, the current can be locked to prevent misoperation;
7. Data group function: You can choose whether to add up the capacity value and running time of the previous stage;
8. Has a powerful serial communication function.
Feature Detail
First, improve the protection mechanism:

1. The power supply end has anti-reverse protection, reverse connection does not burn;
2. The load end has anti-reverse protection, the reverse connection does not burn;
3. OVP overvoltage Protection (default 25.2V, can modify it yourself, after Overvoltage protection, LCD interface flashing display OVP);
4. OCP overflow Protection (default 4.10A/5.10A, can modify it yourself, after overcurrent protection, LCD flashing display OCP);
5. OPP power Protection (default 25.5w/35.5w, can modify it yourself, after power protection, LCD flashing display OPP);
6. OTP over-temperature protection (after load temperature greater than 80℃, over-temperature protection, liquid crystal flicker display OTP);
7. LVP undervoltage Protection (default 1.5V, can be set itself, after Undervoltage protection LCD flashing display LVP, In applications such as battery discharge testing, the setting of suitable LVP can effectively prevent the battery from transitioning to discharge, so as not to damage the battery).
Second, the electronic load on the initial state of power:

The electronic load automatically saves the switching state before shutting down and acts as the initial state of the next power-on;
Third, discharge capacity and discharge time statistics:

1. Discharge capacity Statistics: the load current is not zero start statistics, until the next load current is zero, it is believed that the completion of a discharge process, statistical end;
2. Discharge time Statistics: from the current is not zero start statistics, to the next load current is zero, think that the completion of a test process, statistical end;
Four, set the maximum capacity (OAH) and set the maximum discharge time (OHP):

1. Set maximum Capacity (OAH): When the OAH function is started, when the load discharge capacity is higher than the maximum capacity set, the electronic load stops automatically and flashes to display "OAH", and when the OAH alarm is lifted, the capacity statistics are automatically emptied;
2. Set the maximum discharge time (OHP): When the OHP function is started, when the load running time is greater than the maximum discharge time set, the electronic load stops automatically and flashes to display "OHP", and when OHP alarm is lifted, the time statistics are automatically emptied;
Note: In the absence of the OAP and OHP function, the electronic load will record the discharge capacity and discharge time, turn on the OAH and OHP function, to the set value after the electronic load stopped working; When the OHP function is turned on, the running time of the electronic load is the countdown mode;

OAP and OHP functions, can be a good implementation of unattended power aging testing.
Five, Data group Features:

Divided into "DAT0", "DAT1"
DAT0: Flashing shows only the capacity value and running time of the previous stage, and does not add up to the next stage;
DAT1: Flashing shows the capacity value and running time of the previous stage, and automatically adds up to the next stage;
Interface Operation Instructions:

First, the operation interface operation instructions:
1. The electronic load is powered on and then enters the operating interface, which is used to turn the electronic load on or off by short pressing the "ON/OFF" button, and to modify the current of the electronic load in real time by rotating the encoder potentiometer;
2. Short press the encoding potentiometer key to toggle the downlink display content (current/power/capacity/time);
3. In any display interface, the rotating encoding potentiometer will automatically switch to the current display interface;
4. In the current display interface, the long press "ON/OFF" button is used to turn the data lock function on or off, if the data lock function is turned on, the locking symbol "|-" will be displayed in front of the current, at this time can not adjust the load current in real time by rotating the encoding potentiometer to prevent misoperation;
5. In the capacity/time interface, the long press "on/off" button to empty the corresponding capacity/time data.
Second, the Setup interface operation instructions:

1. In the running interface, the long press encoding potentiometer enters the setup interface;
2. By rotating the encoder potentiometer, adjust the size of the parameters, increase clockwise, and decrease counterclockwise; switch the parameters that need to be modified by short pressing the rotary encoder;
3. In the maximum capacity (OAH)/Maximum discharge time (OHP) two parameter interface, short press "ON/OFF" button to select the corresponding function of the turn on or off, if closed, the display "----";
4. In the maximum capacity (OAH) parameter interface, short press "ON/OFF" button to select the capacity range (9.999Ah/99.99Ah/999.9Ah/9999Ah);
5. Parameter settings complete, long press encoder potentiometer, exit the Setup interface, set parameters automatically saved;
Serial port Control (single-chip TTL level communication)

Baud Rate: 9600 bps
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Check bit: None
Flow control: None

Serial Port Commands Note
start Start upload
stop Stop upload
on Turn on Load features
off Turn off Load features
x.xxA Set load current
LVP:xx.x Set down Undervoltage
OVP:xx.x Set over pressure
OCP:x.xx Set over flow
OPP:xx.xx Set over power
OAH:x.xxx Set maximum capacity
OHP:xx:xx Set maximum discharge time
read Read product parameter settings

Data upload format:

No alarm status:
Load supply voltage, load current, capacity value, discharge time;
11.90V,0.11A,0.004Ah,00:02 à Load voltage 11.90V, load current 0.11A, capacity 0.004Ah, discharge time 00:02;
Note: If the maximum discharge time is turned on, 00:02 indicates a countdown;
Alarm Status:
Upload Alarm status code (OVP/OCP/OPP/LVP/OAH/OHP/OTP)
Read product parameter settings
OVP:25.2, OCP:5.10, OPP:35.5, LVP:1.50,OAH:0222,OHP:00:00,
Overvoltage, overcurrent, over power, undervoltage, maximum capacity, maximum discharge time

Package includes:

1 X XY-FZ25/FZ35 Capacity Tester

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FZ25, FZ35

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