How to Save Money on Baby Gear?

While you might not be able to control how much it costs to have a baby, you can certainly control how much it costs you. In fact, when it comes to reducing costs during pregnancy, you can start saving as early as the first trimester.

1. Shop online—but not for everything

I had so many emails about these retailers that I felt like I needed to sign up to get their emails. However, I didn't realize that they were all sending me the same emails, so I had to unsubscribe from all of them!

I thought it would be a good way to save money because I'd be alerted to sales. But because so many of the clothing sites had minimums you needed to hit to get free shipping, I always spent more than what I intended, or there would be a deal I couldn't pass up and I'd end up with things I didn't really need. 

I hate it when I am at the store and see a great deal on a product, only to find out that it's no longer available and I've already purchased it. That's why I love when the store has an auto-reorder feature so I don't have to worry about it.

2. Get smart about buying diapers

The best thing to do is to get smart about buying diapers. The first thing to do is to figure out how much you need to buy. You can do this by checking the size of your baby and how often you change her. The next thing to do is to make a list of all the diapers you need to buy. You can do this by going to the store and looking for a list of what you need. You can also look at the price of each item you need to buy. You can also look online. Just make sure you are comparing prices.

3. Ask your pediatrician for samples

The cost of formula can be a little shocking at first, especially when you're used to buying formula for your baby at the store. However, by taking a few samples from your pediatrician, you'll be able to see what formula is right for your baby and how much you need to order. You can also ask for samples from other mothers in your practice who breastfeed.

It's important to keep in mind that your pediatrician will want to help you. She's trying to do what's best for you, and she'll want to make sure that you're getting all the information you need. You should never feel bad about asking for freebies! Your doctor has to spend hours on end with you, so it's only fair that you do the same for her.

4. Check to see if your employer offers any perks

If you are self-employed or working for yourself, you should have no problem getting access to these accounts, but if you work for a company, your employer may offer them. These accounts are usually pre-tax contributions, so there is no tax impact.

There is a federal tax credit for child care expenses, and this can be claimed even if you don't have a child care subsidy.