Make your house safe for kids

If you have an infant at home, then be ready and alert. Because as your kid starts crawling and walking, you need to make your home safe from any kind of accident or disastrous situation. It is not too late if your kid is already six months old, start babyproofing your home now. A crawling baby tries to pick everything from the floor and swallow it. So keep the floor clean and clear for them and remove the objects that can be injured or do harm to your kid. It not only makes your life easy but also allows your kid to wander into the house.


Why do we need safety gear at home?

You can read in the newspaper and statistics that many kids got injured in their own homes because of negligence and objects around them. We cannot shift our furniture or electrical appliances far away but we can make these things baby safe by using tricky safety devices. You can rely on these safety devices, like putting drawer/cabinet locks. So your toddler will not able to pick harmful things from them. 

You can easily find these baby safety gadgets on the market, many companies and retailers are delivering home improvement items and baby safety items. So buy the baby safety products you think are necessary at home. They are not very expensive and easy to use and manage. For 100% security and safety read all the instructions and install these gadgets carefully. Like you put child lock in the car to make a safe drive for your kids, similarly, safety devices at home are a necessary part of daily life.


How to babyproof the home?

You can’t even imagine how easily a crawling baby or toddler can create a mess and get themselves in big trouble.  You need to think thoroughly and make your vision big about the possibilities of harming the things present at home can do to your kid. Not only the kid’s room but the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room should also be baby safe. You cannot lock other rooms permanently, so it is better to make them safe. Put a camera inside and outside your home to make a check and balance your kid’s activities and actions.

Fix any of the broken cupboards, and windows and put door jammers at every single door to avoid any hazardous situation. Use doorknob covers and furniture corner covers to protect your child from accidents or injuries. Sockets and plugs are the most dangerous thing that a kid encounter every day. So use a live video camera to have an eye on him while you are in the kitchen away from him...


Start from the bigger things

Let's focus on a microwave or any electrical appliances in the approach of your kid. Put all these things in upper cabinets or shelves. If you have electrical heater or gas appliances, try to keep them out of range for your kid. Today’s kids are very active and they have many ideas to access the things they like. So you have to think from all aspects when you are buying any new thing for your home. Let's discuss all the areas and aspects where you should have to apply security and safety gear to avoid any type of incident and inconvenience.

·         Living room

The nightmare of living rooms is having furniture with sharp edges. Most toddlers jump at the bed which results in any injury because of collision with the sharp end or falling from the sofa or bed. Buy stick-on corner cards at the edge, it will reduce any accidents. And also try to buy the furniture that has a round shape rather than square or rectangular. Door jammers and baby monitoring cameras should be present in every single room to protect them. Put drawer and cabinet lockers that are adjustable and you can also disable them when needed.


·         Kitchen

Most dangerous items for kids are easily available in a kitchen. Make sure you put knives and other cutting accessories, and delicate crockery out of the range of crawling/ walking kids. If you have an open kitchen, then you should take some important precautionary measures to stop your mobile child to wander around in the kitchen and getting in contact with dangerous items. First of all, buy baby-proof cabinet locks, especially magnetic ones. You can also put the lock on the refrigerator. The second main thing is the stove knob cover, it will prevent your kid from accidentally turning on the burner. These gas stove switch covers will help you a lot and you will not regret buying them.


·         Baby playing room

The baby nursery should be designed in a way that it doesn’t have any harmful objects in it. For example, if the baby diaper/cloth changing table is not in use now then pack it up or your walking/crawling toddler will try to climb on it. Put a thick carpet, if your toddler falls he will not get easily injured. A home security baby monitoring camera should be placed. If there are any stairs then place foldable safety barriers. For hour kid sleep alone then you can also put a night vision video monitoring camera for their sleep analysis.


·         Laundry area

The door to the laundry and bathroom should be closed and locked for crawling and walking babies. The poisonous cleaning agents are present here so put door lock and jammers and everything should be organized in cabinets. These cabinets should be out of reach of small kids.

A toddler spends most of his time at home exploring new things and discovering home items. So you must put them in safe places and keep an eye on your kid either through mobile monitoring or CCTV cameras.

One another important thing for a crawling baby is knee pads and hand gloves. So his knees and hands will not get hurt while crawling. Make sure to put a vest harness on your toddler, when you are taking him outside with you. All these safety gears are an essential part of your and your baby’s life. Do not think and don’t compromise on the safety and security of your little ones.